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I've had many accounts

2018-02-23 17:22:03 by CarlCast

First it was Ebiltyo:

Then JLife:

Later Castyyo! (YouTube):

and now Carl Cast  

I hope not to lose my bill stupidly as the other ones...


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2018-02-23 17:59:31

How could you not get access to your previous accounts?

(Updated ) CarlCast responds:

Good it is a long history:
--the account of Ebiltyo had to abandon her for it changes the domain of my mail
--- that of the JLife was but well an exclusive account for an animation but then I leaves it; erase everything but my account of Newgrounds doesn't have that option, leave this way simply it

Now I am fighting with Google to recover my account of Castyyo but it has been useless
-because I forgot my "super-secure password" (idiot)

In short that it is my absurd history...


2018-02-24 10:59:00

Wow you got to be really careful when it comes to making your account. Not just on this website, but other websites as well. Anyway here's my advice to protect your accounts in the near future. Use a small book with every single detail, don't trust anyone at all, even your close friends and/or family members, keep that info for yourself and try to remember if you can. Good luck and stay safe.