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Good job, except for the end that I would have liked the guy to transform back into its original form and not a dog, WTF?

It stands out logically; The cause of why he got angry, watched a video and exploded ?. There is also the issue of going with calm and not with happiness, someone's emotions are not solved with more emotions even if they are as sensible as happiness, the truth is to learn that emotions are emotions and that we must control it with much maturity .

-Source: Inside Out!

McGil responds:

You got a point there. the angry emotions must be treated with maturity bay the person who gets angry. But, what the female characterter is trying to do is to the male character leve the computer for a wile and clear is mind, in result they got a lot of fun because they love each other, and thats all they need.
The character is in the computer, you never si whats is doing, but for is behavior, you can notice is a inmersive and active task, i whas thinking in: troubles with some work software, but can be a videogame or someting like that.

The part of transformation in a metaphor, hes turn into hes most frendly form.

Thanks for your comment!

PS: Inside Out is a shitty movie to me, leaving out the great art work and animations, why the sadness would be a useful emotion? well in the movie thells that emotion is empathic with others. well... thats empathy, not sadness.

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If you ask because you have no comments it is because this work has left without words at all, uncle this works so perfect 10/10 I do not see any error or anything, wow <3

SiwelTasenla responds:

Oh thank yoou very much !! => Glad you like it !

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